OXPAN CoopMart

We can conduct shop for our members. We can give account ID and a card. We can provide facilities to purchase from the mart and pay from the account with some discount. We ca it for the our customers the mart in cooperatives. Purchase from your member or sell to your members or do both for members. Sales book, purchase book stock, profit and loss all integrated with cooperative. Those cooperatives need OXPAN CoopMart. Our business activities need proper care. Every business seeks a reliable accountant. OXPAN CoopMart is developed to care business activities conducted by cooperatives which are involved in purchase and sales or sales only (service providers). A cooperative shop runs with the capital from the cooperative0 . Then business starts making the workplace or factory. purchases goods and stores in a store. goods are delivered to shopping centers or in factories.

New goods may also be prepared and resent to store. Goods are sold to the customers. Or services are created and sold to the customers. These all activities are to make a good profit and progress of business. Every steps of such economic activities should be recorded so that we could get the progress report as. The business is earning or losing if earning what is the rate. is it satisfctory or not. what may be the further steps. Such type of care is given by a proper software. We have tried and developed CoopMart for all those cooperative which are facing trouble in maintain good books of accounts, good records of stocks, good record of receivables and payables. It is developed by an expert team of developers under regular collaboration and guidance of specialists and chartered accountants. Double entry accounting is system is used in CoopMart along with charkhata of cooperative. OXPAN CoopMart is applicable to all versions of Microsoft Windows in networking or in single computer environment as well as for business of multi-user environment as well as many branches also.

Specific features of OXPAN CoopMart

  1. Supports many types of shops and trading houses.
    • – Wholesale and retail.
    • – Service seller or product sellers.
    • – One shutter shop to department stores
    • – Grocery to Medical
  2. Integration With Cooperative.
    • – Double Entry Accounting System
    • – Nepali Date: OXPAN CoopMart follows the nepali calendars and fiscal years
  3. Follows National and International Rules
    • – Double Entry Accounting System
    • – Nepali Date: OXPAN CoopMart follows the nepali calendars and fiscal years
    • – Tax Provisions: Income-tax, Tax Deduction in Source(TDS) are calculated automatically.
    • – Depreciations: Depreciation: Depreciation is deducted as per the rules.
  4. Modern Shopping Facilities:
    • – Barcode QR code Reading
    • – SMS Facility
    • – Debtors Aging
    • – Inter branch transaction
  5. Accurate and Scientifice Calculations
  6. Security Management: Transaction Audit, Userbased roles, Data backup facility are the security features. These features prevents wrong data injection, wrong manipulations, disaster of data loss.
  7. Efficient Database Management System: Well designed database management system provides efficient and fast reporting facilities to the end users
  8. Easy and Attractive: OXPAN AllMart is the software which teaches you what a accounting system is, what we a software is. You learn entire accounting by using this software. This is the software from which you can learn and enjoy working.
  9. Plenty of Reporting Tools: OXPAN Software has rich of bundles of reports which are very useful for Managerial team and other stakeholders.
    • – Group Based Membership Detail and Account Details
    • – Complete double entry system ledger with sub ledger
    • – Branch-wise and group-wise Central report regarding
    • – Regular and overdue debts reports.
    • – Overall transaction report
    • – Branch-wise and central report of Trial balance
    • – Balance sheet and income statement and cash flow statement.
    • – Financial Reports
    • – Daybooks and Transaction Sheets
    • – Progress Reports
    • – Comparative Periodic and subject-wise report
    • – Financial Analytical Tools
    • – MIS Reports
  10. Scheduled closing/ Calculations/ Provisions and Backup: We can shedule for automatic calculations, provision and closings in routined time interval.
  11. Regular Updates and Development: Your feedbacks are our properties. We collect feedbacks and suggestions, we get new ideas we discuss and beging planning. New features are developed in regular basis and provided back to the end user customers.
  12. Financial Analytical Tools:
    • – Ratio anlysis
    • – Profitability Analysis
    • – Periodic Progress reports
  13. Self Designings: OXPAN CoopMart provides facility to design and plan new models in the cooperative by applying various options given for changing various rates and plans.
  14. Minimized Steps: Automation of entry and reporting helps users to get the work done in very few required entries. It helps to save time and efforts as well.